Imagine a world without the internet

It’s hard to imagine, but there are millions of people across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland who don’t know how to start when it comes to getting online. They can’t email, use Google, or YouTube. By showing them the basics and sharing your knowledge of the internet you can help transform someone’s life... Read more

We’re looking for young people nationwide to spend an hour passing on IT skills to people in their community. Become a BT Digital Champion and stand a chance of helping your school win great prizes.

What our Champions are doing

  • 26/03
    BT is calling on the digitally savvy across the UK to get snap-happy with older and digitally excluded family members and friends in their community, by teaching them how to take a Selfie. Visit our News Page for more details. Admin › Transformation Trust, London
  • 15/03
    My great auntie could barely use a computer. She knew how to turn it on and off and use the internet a little. I managed to teach her how to create files ie word, music, photos), and how to find files and organise them. I also taught her how to put pass codes on files so that they can't be accessed without the password, helped her store all passwords for important things and important appointments in one, secure place. Matt Vernon › City of Derby Academy, Derby
  • 12/03
    It went every well. My Auntie enjoyed me helping her understand everything and I also enjoyed very much. VENUS KOUADIO › St Mary's Church of England High School (VA), Waltham Cross
  • 12/03
    They now know how to use hotspots on their phone and can do more on YouTube. They can upload videos and subscribe to channels. They can view, like and comment on their favourite videos and mail the user. It went really well! Leah Vernon › City of Derby Academy, Derby